Product Returns

Lellers World of Valeting endeavour to provide the best Customer Service possible. Should anything go wrong, all efforts will be made to resolve the issue. However, should the problem be unsolvable, or you prefer to amend or Cancel your Order, please email You may cancel your Order within 3 calendar days from the date of making the Order for any reason.

If you cancel your Order via telephone your Order will be put on hold. You must confirm your wish to cancel the Order in writing via email or post within 3 calendar days. Your Order will not be considered Cancelled until notification in writing is received.

If you decide to cancel an Order after the Products have been despatched and commenced their carriage to you by carrier or post, charges will be made to you for the carriage of those Products. Lellers World of Valeting advise you check the status of the Order before you request Cancellation. Any charges will be communicated to you before confirmation the Cancellation. Returns

Before you request or arrange the return of a Product, please read the following information carefully.

You may return any Delivered Products you have purchased within 3 calendar days of Delivery for any reason (including if you simply change your mind). To do so you must notify Lellers World of Valeting in writing via email or post within 3 calendar days of Delivery.

If you are returning a Product for any reason, except damage (informed to the Lellers World of Valeting on delivery date) or manufacturer defect, you must pay the costs of returning the Products to the Lellers World of Valeting or their suppliers plus a charge for the original delivery costs. All returned products must be completely disassembled and correctly placed in all original packaging.

Lellers World of Valeting may require photographic evidence of the satisfactory condition of the item you are returning. This will be at their discretion. Electronic files should be forwarded to Lellers World of Valeting and printed media is also acceptable.

On request, Lellers World of Valeting will collect the Products from you, you will receive a full refund and may be exempt from additional delivery charges if:

  • the Product delivered is not what you Ordered (including an unapproved Substitute Product), or does not correspond with its description
  • the Product arrives damaged or faulty and you have notified Lellers World of Valeting within 3 calendar days

Lellers World of Valeting may replace the item or affected parts or you may Cancel the Order and receive a full Refund. You will not be charged for the costs of returning an unapproved substitute or defective product.

If Products arrive in a damaged condition you must make a note on the carrier's Delivery consignment note where possible and inform Lellers World of Valeting within 3 calendar days of the Delivery. You will not be charged for the cost of Returning a defective Product.

Lellers World of Valeting will not accept Returns or Cancellations if the Products have been altered by applying chemicals or paints to the surfaces or by altering or customising the Product in any way that could be deemed as you using or treating the Products as your own, including fully assembling the products. While in your possession, you must keep any Products you intend to return in good condition. Products must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered. If products were delivered flat packed they must be returned in the same way including complete disassembly. Care must be taken to ensure the Return Products are packed well to avoid damage or loss of parts in transit

All advertised sizes and measurements are an approximation but Lellers World of Valeting will endeavour to make sure that all are as accurate as possible. Products Returned which cannot be re-sold as new due to damage or wear and tear may be subject to a reduction in the Refund given.


Refunds will be processed within 30 days. Where exchange rates of currency are involved, the Refund will be made in £GBP at the current exchange rate. Lellers World of Valeting do not accept responsibility for any loss or gain caused by changes in the exchange rate between the time of Ordering and the time of issuing the Refund.

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