Polymer Clay Cloth

Clay cloths are a fast and easy way to remove above surface contaminants from your paint and glass.

The clay cloth is constructed from a high strength microfibre with one side finished in a high-tech rubber polymer coating that removes surface contaminants, such as paint overspray, bugs, tar, sap, train brake dust and industrial fall out. Approx 30cm x 30cm.


1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle removing all loose surface contamination. Clay Cloths are designed to remove embedded contamination and used over a non washed or dry surface will result in scratches.

2. Pre soak the Clay Cloth in warm water and car shampoo prior to use. Wet the cars surface before attempting to use the Clay Cloth using the microfiber side.

3. Quarter the cloth so the advanced polymer rubber layer is facing outwards and, using very light pressure, pass the Clay Cloth over the wet surface until the surface feels smooth. The Clay Cloth should be turned and rinsed regularly to reduce the risk of any contamination scratching the paintwork.

4. Thoroughly rinse the surface and use a fresh microfibre cloth to dry the area. The surface should be smooth to touch.

5. You now have a clean canvas, perfect for the application of wax or car polish.

Please Note:

  1. Do not use in direct sunlight or on surfaces over 145oF/62oC
  2. Do not leave to dry with the advanced polymer rubber layer in contact with itself
  3. The Clay Cloth is not solvent resistant
  4. The Clay Cloth Company take no responsibility for any damage caused by the incorrect use of our products.

Polymer Clay Cloth

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