How To Remove Mould From Your Vehicle

It's that time of year when the damp creeps in and mould becomes a problem. The weather right now is perfect breeding ground for mould spores to accumulate in fabric, particularly car interiors. For mould prevention or eradication, we have help and advice right here.

car seats before and after mould treatment

Warning - Damp Can Appear Overnight!

We're currently undertaking a spate of vehicles that have grown mould overnight due to dampness, windows being left open or leaks from seals. Mould thrives in warm, damp, and dark conditions. Just one hop in the car after being caught in a downpour followed by closing all the windows and parking it overnight can create the perfect environment for mould growth on the carpets and seat belts.

Mould Prevention Tips

Mould can appear in spots or it can be invisible; however, once it starts growing, it quickly multiplies and becomes smelly. Before the problem overwhelms a vehicle, there are several ways to stop the spread of mould from the car’s interior. Left for too long, mould can cause a 'mottled' effect and can cause irreversible damage.

  • Keep the car clean – regularly hoover or valet your vehicle, food and debris can easily attract mould
  • If you get caught in the rain, try to dry mats or put the heater on to eliminate dampness
  • Check windows are not left slightly open, rain can seep in and cause damp in carpets
  • Don't leave wet or damp mats inside – take them out to dry
  • Check seals, door rubbers are notoriously bad for letting in water
  • If you have cleaned inside your vehicle with wet work, leave the doors and windows open and allow it to air dry and ventilate completely
  • Is your heating and cooling system working correctly? Check regularly
  • Regularly have your air conditioning units sanitised, you'd be amazed at the germs that can harbour and be a hazard to your health
  • Convertible hoods also gather mould quite easily. If you have a hard top ensure you put this on in the damper months. Otherwise you could invest in a hood protector and rain repellent to assist with the issues.

Removing Mould Using Natural Products

For those who are looking for either resolving the issue oneself or wish for an environmentally-safe, economical, effective way to remove mould from a car's carpeting try using vinegar and Tea Tree Oil. Vinegar is an effective mould and bacteria killer because of its acidity level. In addition, tea tree oil, which is a clear oil derived from the Australian tea tree plant, is another versatile cleaner. It is effective at removing mould and germs because it naturally has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties.

If there is a spill or damp spot, take care of it immediately by sprinkling Baking Soda over the affected carpeted area. Allow it to settle for a few hours and then vacuum. Repeat if necessary. This will sop up the liquid as well as eliminate any odours.

We Can Provide Professional Help...

car seats before and after mould treatment

We are experienced in all types of mould removal from inside to outside of the car!

car seats before and after mould treatment

We recommend a full interior wet clean, where we cleanse all surfacing with an antibacterial, anti-mould treatment

car seats before and after mould treatment

We wash all seats, carpets, mats, door panels, seatbelts and any area we feel the spores may have spread into

Convertible Hoods can be treated separately with a cleaner and protection.

car seats before and after mould treatment

We also highly recommend the air conditioning sanitiser, especially if you have young children or allergies. This will clean any rogue spores that have got into the air vents.

After care maintenance is essential. If you do not ventilate or dry the areas completely, the problems could re-occur.

Regular Car Care Is Key If You Want To Avoid Mould

Mould is a common occurrence in cars of all kinds. No matter what purpose the car serves, there are bound to be occasional spills, leaks, or moisture intrusions that affect the car's carpeting. Because mould can be smelly in addition to causing breathing problems, it is important to keep it under control, especially if you are asthmatic or have any other allergies. Therefore, regular car care is critical.

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**Removing mould and cleansing is not a standard valet and may incur additional costs and time involved.